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2014 WDSF Asian-Pacific DanceSport Championship

The top Latin and Standard Athletes from 13 Asian-Pacific countries are represented in the 2014 WDSF Asian-Pacific DanceSport Championship which is held by George & Sylvia Tan and Sponsored by Peter & Vivian Tan on Sunday, 24th August 2014 at the Berjaya Waterfront Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

150 national representative Athletes, Coaches, Adjudicators and Guests are invited to the Welcome Dinner on Saturday, 23rd August 2015. George & Sylvia Tan are thanks to the WDSF Asian-Pacific National Bodies send the Athletes support to the event. All the Athletes are invite on the stage to introduce their National Team to the other Asian Pacific Countries. Many of the Athletes are thanks to the Peter & Vivian Tan for their contribution and support and make this a memorable event.

World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Presidium nominated 9 WDSF Licensed Adjudicators and Licensed Chairman from Korea, Mr. Sutu OK to adjudicate this Asian-Pacific title event. Over 600 Spectators attended and enjoy the superb performances by the top Asian-Pacific Latin and Standard Athletes. The Final results as below:

WDSF Asian-Pacific Standard

1st  - Guzyr Oleksii & OTA Rikako (Japan)

2nd - Ivan Novikov & Margarita Klimenko (Kazakhstan)

3rd - Zhang Zhanhua & Zhang Ruonan (China)

4th - Yuan Shaoyan & Qi Chongxuan (China)

5th - Park SeongWoo & Jo SuBin (Korea)

6th - Seo HwangYong & Park YeRang (Korea)

Video Link of 2014 WDSF Asian-Pacific Standard Final

WDSF Asian-Pacific Latin

1st  - Hou Yao & Zhuang Ting (China)

2nd - Brodie Barden & Lana Skrgic de Fonseka (Australia)

3rd - Kubota Yumiya & Kubota Rara (Japan)

4th - Yan Bangbang & Zhu Jing (China)

5th - Thabang Baloyi & Daria Walczak (Australia)

6th - Shinawat Lerson & Krittaporn Manasuth (Thailand)

Video Link of 2014 WDSF Asian-Pacific Latin Final



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